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Doug offers a high level of experience and a relationship-based approach to leadership that is required to impact state policy. With hands-on knowledge of our local government and an on-the-ground understanding of our priorities, Doug will be able to get to work day one, educate our state decision makers, work with government departments and staff and deliver results.

  • Small business management
  • Engineering and surveying background
  • First-hand exposure to GDOT and the permitting process
  • Land use and property rights advocate for taxpayers
  • Mediator & relationship-builder with experience navigating government systems
  • Track-record of connecting with leaders across the district to improve our community.

I am running for Georgia State House, District 9 to shine a light on all that our community has to offer and protect the best interests of our district as North Georgia faces a great deal of growth and change in the next few years. As a proud Republican, I will represent our shared conservative values and serve as a true voice of the people to deliver the results we deserve. 

Over the last 25 years, Doug has grown deep roots in North Georgia, developing a true pulse of the people and the interests in our community. He’s served as a go-to advisor for our local and state leaders and has become involved with the state legislature through business and service initiatives. He believes that the less you have to interact with the government, the more effective you know it is. Doug is a listener, a unifier and a true public servant who is uniquely prepared to be the voice of District 9 in our state house. 


Conservative Values

As a strong Republican with southern baptist roots, Doug is a proud Trump supporter and will stand firm on the foundation of our conservative ideals:

  • 100% Pro-Life
  • Defend Second Amendment Rights
  • Lower Taxes
  • Ensure Economic Responsibility


Raising four children in Dahlonega, Doug takes pride in our local school system and wants to set our children on the path to success from the start. This means keeping government bureaucracy out of the way, letting teachers do the job they love, equipping our classrooms, educating parents on their options and protecting local control. As a lecturer at the University of North Georgia, Doug also has a connection within the college community and will be an advocate for the solutions our students require for career path preparation. 



North Georgia communities like Georgia’s 9th District are thriving, and Doug will bring a qualified voice to our state legislature as a business owner to reduce government roadblocks and ensure long-term economic success. Small businesses and agriculture keep our local economy strong, and we must ease their barriers to entry and barriers to growth so that job opportunities exist for generations to come. 


Quality of Life

As we continue to face growth across our communities, Doug will remain proactive, work to re-evaluate our road and infrastructure funding at the state level and make sure that the focus remains on protecting our quality of life. As a County Commissioner, Doug demonstrated his conservative perspective and took steps to move our district forward. He stood in support of our first responders, pushed for more equipment for our fire department, facilitated agreements that others could not, and determined a method to achieve pay raises for all county employees without having to raise taxes. Doug’s track record as a leader demonstrates his ability to seek common ground and facilitate solutions that speak to our shared values and has the knowledge and experience to advocate for improving our public safety, our roads, and our hometown connectivity across this district.



During his service as County Commissioner, Doug served on the Board of Health where he worked to fully fund the health department and gained a first-hand perspective on the best practices of healthcare administration as well as challenges in our healthcare system. Working closely with the district director, Doug saw the significant demand on our system when it comes to infectious diseases, women's health, children's health and the resources required to improve the accessibility and affordability of quality care. He will serve as an advocate from the local level of need when it comes to the state decision-making process on healthcare policy.

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